Physical disability service


Whether a person is born with a disability, or it’s acquired later in life and whether its permanent or temporary, it’s important to have independence in life. 

At Luna Care Services, we recognise that each individual is different, and their needs will change over time, we provide support and guidance for people to achieve their goals and aspirations, regularly working with the person to monitor progress. 

We celebrate and rejoice in each individuals’ milestones, as we understand how much this can mean to a person.

Luna Care Services provides support and care to enable individuals to remain in the comfort of their own home and in the community, rather than the person being in residential care. 

We promote individuals to take responsibility for themselves where possible in order to retain and promote the individual’s well-being and independence. We provide services to support and guide people with physical disabilities to continue to maintain and promote their independence. 

We provide services for people with a range of support and care needs, regardless of how simple or complex they may be. We build tailored support and care plans around the person’s needs, wishes and preferences to inform the care and support provided to the individual. 

There may be input from other professionals to support a person, and Luna Care Services works in collaboration with multi-agency professionals where relevant to provide the person and their loved ones with increased support. 

Each person is involved in the process of formulating and choosing the type of support and care they receive. Some of the types of support we provide are outlined below: 

  • Personal Care to provide assistance with daily routines such as washing, bathing, getting dressed ready for the day and medication management.
  • Assistance and support with practical help at home, such as domestic duties, shopping and preparation of meals. 
  • We promote working with the individual, rather than for them in order to help them do as much as they can for themselves and maintain their independence
  • We promote and help individuals with joining and engaging in the local community, such as community groups and events of interest to the person 
  • We promote social inclusion such as arranging trips out, visits to friends and family, cultural and other social activities

For more information, please speak to a member of the team who will be able to assist you further. 

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